30 March 2010

Name for the bracelet

I have decided I will name the bracelet JOYCE after my late grandmother who passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. My parents booked last week to fly out yesterday evening so it's very unfortunate my mum wasn't able to get there before she passed.

I have quite a big project in mind for April but if it takes too long to finalise the design then I may leave it for May and make something simple for next month.

I need to get some gift boxes as well. Off to search :)

27 March 2010

Yet to be named

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I decided on what to make for April. I made a start on 'it' yesterday but it will now have to be classed as another March piece as I managed to finish it off today.... So I present March piece number 2! I've yet to name this one, a challenge for me!

The picture was taken in haste as I need to get to bed as soon as possible. Hopefully a better one will follow soon. The colours haven't really been picked up but there are jonquil, amethyst ABX2 and crystal AB crystals in there, along with yellow AB and purple AB seed beads. The clasp is a simple toggle and loop. Enjoy :)

24 March 2010


After going through some of my stash of beads I have finally decided what my April piece will be. I won't tell you now, you'll just have to check back (probably sooner than soon!) and see what I've made. Good enough one of the colours I'll be using was bought in Uganda and I really wanted to make something with it. It's very pretty (in my opinion)!

Hopefully this will come out as I want it to. I'm off to do some charting with my software then hopefully start on it tonight. If I finish it by early April then I'll do another one.

23 March 2010

Pictures - Starburst

Here are the pictures as promised. I'm quite proud of the way this one has turned out, mainly because I made the cabochon myself and think it looks quite pretty!

I'll be making more attempts to take better pictures - it will be an ongoing learning process! But I think these will suffice for now.

I'm not yet 100% decided on the April project though I'd better be as I want to make a start on it this Saturday. I've got two projects in mind and my stash (and design ideas) will be the only things to help me finalise my decision. I don't want to do a necklace if possible :)

22 March 2010

I finally made it!

I finally finished my March piece, in the nick of time...Ok I do have more than a week left but I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

I lost my beading mojo so had to wait for it to come back. And it did, with a vengeance. I completed the necklace last night...late last night and I'm 99% pleased with the outcome.

I haven't taken any decent pictures yet, today I was resting because of the late night. I'll try and photograph it tonight or tomorrow and post the picture for you to enjoy....well, at least I hope you enjoy it.

6 March 2010

Just a little something

A special someone asked me to make a some jewellery for another special someone and here is the result of that custom order. The beautiful lady modelling is the recipient :) It was her Christmas present and I absolutely enjoyed making it.

As you can probably guess I haven't done any more beading on the March project. It's no big matter though, I have till 31 March to post a picture so it WILL be done by then!

I was actually reminded I have to finish a bag someone ordered sometime last year. They knew it would be a while yet because of the two little ones I'm watching during the day. I think I'll work on that when I'm too tired to bead since it doesn't need as much concentration.

1 March 2010

Order and 'investment'

Well, someone saw my Zebra stripes necklace and liked it so much they ordered one exactly the same but in different colours. One of the colours is a challenge so I think I'll have to seek some...'advise' on beads before I go ahead and buy :)

On another note, I bought a display bust last week and it arrived today. I'm very excited as I need to get serious about good pictures of the jewellery I make. I tried to get a black one but was unsuccessful so will make do with the white for now. It may even suit my purposes just fine.

So, I'll try and find some time to take pictures of the neckace again and post them. Feedback will be most welcome, be it criticism or pointers.

I haven't had a chance to work on the March project since Saturday but hopefully tomorrow I can fit in anhour or two. I'm not sure if I'll finish it by the weekend as I still have half of the neckace to do and Thursday I will be out all day We will see how it progresses.....I'd do some now but I'm tired and don't want to make any mistakes.