16 February 2010

Tapestry crochet purse and March piece

I started a tapestry crochet purse while on holiday. It will be the first round-bottomed purse/bag I make. The colours are pink and yellow - a little flourescent but they don't look too bad. Since this is a tryout, I will either keep or give it away. I'll post pictures when I'm finished - hopefully within the next month. The nice thing about tapestry crochet is you can do it anywhere, even on the train or bus!

I'm having a small break from beading as I'm still recovering from the late night and few hours of sleep :) I've already decided what I will be making for the March piece, I just need to decide on the beads I'll be using as well as how I will make it. I'd post a picture of the focal bead but it's not on this computer - patience pays!

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