24 February 2010

No preview this time

I previously mentioned that I would post a picture if I made enough progress to warrant it. Well, I've made some progress but not as much as I would have liked.

Firstly, i tried several things and all didnt seem to be quite what I was looking for. I did finally decide on what the necklace part will look like but it's a little slow going, and I haven't worked on it since saturday!

I've worked on it a little today and will be going back to it once I finish my dessert :) If I can finish it by end next week I'll be happy. Actually, earlier would be nice.

Next post will be a picture of the finished March piece.


18 February 2010

Made a start

Well, after a few days' rest from beading I made a start on the March project. I haven't done too much as yet so there's no picture to post.

It's looking as I want it to so far. If I get enough done over the next few days I will post a WIP picture.

16 February 2010

Tapestry crochet purse and March piece

I started a tapestry crochet purse while on holiday. It will be the first round-bottomed purse/bag I make. The colours are pink and yellow - a little flourescent but they don't look too bad. Since this is a tryout, I will either keep or give it away. I'll post pictures when I'm finished - hopefully within the next month. The nice thing about tapestry crochet is you can do it anywhere, even on the train or bus!

I'm having a small break from beading as I'm still recovering from the late night and few hours of sleep :) I've already decided what I will be making for the March piece, I just need to decide on the beads I'll be using as well as how I will make it. I'd post a picture of the focal bead but it's not on this computer - patience pays!

14 February 2010

2010 (Zebra Stripes)

My resolution for the year 2010 is to complete at least one piece for each month of 2010, starting with this month. With two children (absolutely adore them!) it's not so easy to get time to bead a lot. But I will try and do some every day, even if it's just an hour.

With that in mind, I made a start on the February piece and managed to complete it in time for Valentines day. I had trouble bezeling the cabochon so I changed plans (and design).

I wore it today and have to say it looked rather good. I bought the cabochon for myself almost two years ago so this necklace will stay with me. Hope you like :)