23 December 2010

Back on the bike!

I haven't done any beading since I last posted. There are several bracelets still waiting to be clasped, I didn't have any patterns to loom, and I wanted to catch up on my recorded tv programs. What excuses eh! :)

Anyway, here's what's got me back in the saddle so to speak. My sister wanted something narrower than the bracelets I've made so far, so this is what I'm working on.

I'm past halfway so should be able to finish it by Christmas....perhaps.... I probably should have used a matte red so the gold didn't blend too much. Hopefully she'll like it anyway - the important thing is it has red in it lol!

I don't know when I'll be posting again, so I will take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed new Year.

13 December 2010

Good colour combo

I made this one this evening.

I was going to use alighted brown but I think this one works better.

Hopefully I can make some more over the next few days.

Have a good night :)

11 December 2010


I managed to clasp 3 more bracelets this morning.


While I'm waiting to finish the bracelet that's on the loom, I thought I would have a go at some simple peyote rings. And here are the results. I made the first two today and the others last weekend. I hope you like their simplicity :)

The narrower ones feel more comfortable to wear. I'll be making some more tomorrow. I haven't decided on patterns yet, I'll see what I come up with at the time :)

Since the edging on the green bracelet will be brick edging, I think I'll cut it off the loom so I can get something else on.

Have a good night and Saturday!

10 December 2010


I can't remember if I posted this so here it is (again?). It's still on the loom as I'm still thinking about how to edge it.

Aside from that, I had an idea in mind (off loom weaving) which I want to try out. It's taken a different direction but I'll go with the flow for now and explore my 'original idea' later on. I've only got this picture of it so far.

I ordered some clasps the start of last week and they FINALLY made it to me today!! I had to return some today as they weren't the right size. Anyway, I managed to put the clasp on two of them.

This is a pink version of the zig zag pattern. I'm really loving the colour combinations despite not normally liking pink :)

This one was posted about a long time ago and was just waiting for the clasp.

Hopefully I can finish off 3 more tomorrow. I'll post them as I complete them.

At the moment I'm blogging from my phone so the pictures unfortunately may not be the best. I'll get some time and return to post better ones.

Till next time, goodnight :)

30 November 2010

One down, one half way

Today I spent what free time I got edging the bracelets. One is ready for the clasp and the other is half done.

I had hoped to start looming a new one or edging but I'm feeling might tired. I'll see when I come in from (fingers crossed) shifting the car - it's stuck on ice!! If I still feel washed out I'll just go read in bed and wake up early instead.

Till next time!

28 November 2010

I want one!!!

I graphed a bracelet last week and couldn't wait to see what it looks like loomed up. And I really like it. What remains to bs seen is whether you do too :)

It looks SO much better in real life. I'm thinking this could be the one to 'break me in' ie getting me used to wearing bracelets :) so I'll be making one to my measurement over the next weeks or so.

I've got a variation on it which I'll probably loom up next. And there's ideas for 3 more in this 'line' then onto colour!

Hope you like, and enjoy your afternoon.

21 November 2010

Three more

I've got 3 patterns graphed that I'll loom in the coming weeks. One is supposed to be part of the 'illusion' series but I'm not sure if it will fit in. I'll have to study it further and see.

The other is in greens and I still have to decide what colour background to have on the last one.

As usual I'll post pictures as I work on them. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

19 November 2010

Forgot about these

I finished looming this the other day but forgot to post it! I've got just the edging to do then I can cut it off.

I haven't really got any patterns on paper to loom. But I have one or two in mind, as well as something I would like to try out.

I also found this yesterday. Cellini spiral is easy but takes time to work up!

Have a good evening :)

16 November 2010

Warped for the next one!

I cut the bracelet off the loom this morning and warped it ready for the next one. Hopefully I can make a start on it today. First have some errands to run.

12 November 2010

There's a mistake!...

I started this the other and just found a mistake. It's too late to go back now. Had I seen it earlier while looming I could have sorted it out. I'm not entirely sure what to do now! :(

Anyway here it is, hope you like the (correct) design!

10 November 2010

It's off already!

While the children were sleeping I managed to finish looming the second illusion bracelet and cut it off the loom. The edging for the next few bracelets will be done off the loom as I really want to get them made!

Anyway here is the design in its' entirety. It's a repeat so if you saw the earlier picture you've seen it all lol! The same will apply for the next two bracelets as well so I may just post when they're off the loom.

Have yourselves a lovely evening :)

Illusion part 2

I took the other bracelet off the loom last night but it was an experimental one so I won't be showing the picture. You saw the pattern which is the important thing :)

Anyway I started another bracelet in the 'illusion' series last night.

I've got two more lined up, and a variation each of the two. Hopefully they look good as well :)

I've got to get the kids sorted and ear my breakfast so I'll wish you all a beautiful day!

2 November 2010

A BIG thank you!!

I just want to say a HUGE BOOMING thank you to anyone that follows, comments on or reads my blog. It's greatly appreciated, even if I am somewhat slack in replying to comments (Lucy, thank you for all of yours!).

Maybe I should plan to do a giveaway in future as a thank you - when life is not too hectic...!

On another note, this is what's on the loom at the moment

I have to decide whether I'm going to make Christmas presents, and SOON!!! it's early November but I have a feeling the days will go FAST!

There is one special bracelet I have lined up for my mum, I just have to (slowly) gather the delicas I need for it. Here's hoping I can have it made by end of the year...

Ok real life calls. Enjoy your morning/afternoon depending where you are :)

29 October 2010

A little hectic!

I haven't loomed as much as I would have liked since Sunday. But, I managed to fit in some time to edge the necklace and cut it off the loom. I've not yet had the chance to take a better picture - as said, I've been kind if busy with other things.

If you can look past the threads you can just about see it :D here's also a closeup of the edging:

About halfway through I realised the crystals weren't quite the right shade of red! I had a mini panic but it was too late so went ahead anyway. Luckily it somehow works so that was a great relief!!

Since I cut it off, i couldn't have the loom sitting there empty! So this is what's on there at the moment. I need more of the background delicas, so it won't be finished till end of next week - depending on whether I go to the shop physically or order online.

Otherwise right now I'm thinking of getting another loom specifically for bracelets. As well as making one for larger projects. There is one I saw that someone made which looked FABULOUS!! My husband even suggested he could make me one. We'll see.

Have a beautiful afternoon :)

23 October 2010

Better one

Here's a picture I took this morning. It shows better what the colours should look like.

I didn't do any beading at all today. Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the edging then cut it off the loom while I look for that I'll be including in the fringe.

I've got 2 bracelet designs worked up waiting to be loomed. I need some more if 2 certain colours, I'll see when to order them.


21 October 2010

Slow but steady!

I managed to do quite a lot of looming yesterday. If all goes well I'll have it off the loom on Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway here's a photo. Sorry about the quality. These are mainly for my reference really!

What do you think? I wasn't too sure about the design when I saw it on the computer but I'm glad I'm making it :)

Have a good evening!

20 October 2010

The doubt is gone!

After a 'consultation' with two experienced loomers last night, I warped the loom for a necklace (split loom) today and made a start on it. The first few lines were a little tricky in terms of 'setting' the tension for the piece, as well as getting a rhythm going!

I got into one eventually and it's worked up quicker than I expected considering the width - 71 beads wide!

Because there are decreases in this, I started at the widest point. I managed to finish up to the first row.

Tomorrow I'll be tackling the straps. I'm hoping I may be able to complete one side. Wish me luck!!

17 October 2010

Another one

I cut this off the loom today. I've still got the edging and the clasp to do. Since I'm being 'experimental', I loomed from top to bottom rather than from the middle as usual. I think I prefer this way if there's no increasing and decreasing. I also used nymo from a spool rather than a bobbin.

Lastly, I'll be working on the edging with the bracelet off the loom. I'll see how it goes. If I don't like it I can go back to my usual on-the-loom edged bracelets :)

Have a good night!

15 October 2010

And another one is off!

I managed to finish the edging and attach the clasp today, and here's the result. I was thinking to keep it for myself but now I'm not so sure anymore! I don't tend to wear jewellery and the one necklace I made for myself this year is sitting in a box on my shelf.... :)


10 October 2010


I may take a short break from looming over the next few days.....I say MAY because I don't know how long I'll be able to resist the pull of the beads!! :)

Till next time, goodnight :)

9 October 2010

If at first you don't succeed

It seems the picture problem is with what I posted from my phone rather than the entire blog. I went back to the beginning and those pictures are there. Hmmm, I'll have to make time and edit all those missing pictures. Perhaps next week I think.

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of 'Rose'. Hopefully you can see it - the photos aren't very good as I took them after dark and my camera battery was low. I'll get some decent daylight ones for my own keeping over the next few days.

Otherwise I hope you like and goodnight! :)

A closeup of the edging. The seed beads worked very well with it.

8 October 2010


There seems to be a problem with blogger. I can't post a picture and none of those on the blog are showing up.

Anyway, I finally 'clasped' the bracelet and have decided to name 'Rose'. I'll post a picture later or tomorrow when it's working again.

Bear in mind I'm not talking about the recent red and cream necklace. You'll have to go a little way back to know which one you're expecting a picture of :D

And Cut !

As you can probably figure, the bracelet is off the loom. I managed to get more of the red delicas I needed yesterday, and at a very good price.

My plan was to wake up early so I could work on the last section and also start the edging. By about 8am I'd made a start. The little one woke as I completed about 75% of the edging.

It didn't take long to 'polish off' after I put her down for her nap. And here it is :)

I was going for a netted edging look. It's a little rough in terms of how I wanted it to look but maybe it's better this way...I'm still deciding. Here's a closer look at it

Hope you like. Pointers and tips are always welcome :)

Now it's time for a quick nap!

7 October 2010

Need more red!!

I started in that bracelet I posted a snippet of a few days ago. It was going swimmingly until I realised......I won't have enough of the red delicas to complete the looming part!!!! I was so disappointed!

So now I can't do any looming until I've cut it off. Not making for a very happy me :(

Anyway enough whining. Here's what I managed to do yesterday.

I only needed to stitch one more of the red patterns!!!!! Whatever the case I have an edging in mind for this. Hopefully it will work.

I really have to sleep now, goodnight!

3 October 2010

Something in mind

I've got something in mind BUT it will take me a while to make. I have to figure out the 'logistics' - I've got the basic idea down on paper and need to fill in the gaps then I can make a start.

I'm hoping it comes out as I (vaguely) see it in my head - hence I need time to work it all out!!

In the meantime I've got another bracelet lined up once the current one is off the loom. Here's a snatch of it.

It seems 'geometry' has a hold on me! I'm not intentionally going down that road :D

Yesterday I managed to finish looming the green & yellow bracelet. Here is the pattern in its' entirety. Edging will be something simple in this case I think. Hopefully this will be off the loom by Tuesday so I can start on the one above!

Thank you for coming by, and have a beautiful afternoon :)

2 October 2010

I'm back!!!!

I only managed 5 lines tonight but I'm glad to be back working on my loom. I have to start saving up to buy some delicas for another special bracelet I want to make. I'll probably show you just a snippet when I get round to it. Then 'proper reveal' will be when/after it's finished and seen by the recipient.

Time for bed now. I think I'll try to wake early so I get some more lines in.

Sweet dreams :)

1 October 2010

Forgot this one!

I started this on Saturday and completely forgot to post a picture. I'm yet to finish the looming and edging but hopefully will be back to it tonight or tomorrow.

It's another geometric pattern :) The next one may not be, I'll see.

Have a good evening!

27 September 2010

Short break!

I won't be doing any looming for the next day or two so no new pictures or posts will be appearing here. I have to adjust a bracelet and pack for my son's holiday! We are gonna miss him terribly particularly his little sister but he's going to have lots of fun so that's consolation :)

A good afternoon to you!

25 September 2010

And another one :)

I managed to finish the edging on the bracelet yesterday afternoon. I wasn't sure if it was too much for the design but it seems to fit in somehow!

It looks much better and more sparkly in real life :)

I've already got the next design lined up - something geometric again - but I was too tired to start on it last night so hope to get the chance today :)

I've also got a bracelet to extend by Wednesday but that won't take very long :)

A beautiful day to you!

22 September 2010

A bit more

I managed to get some more lines in while the babes had their nap. I'm getting the effect I wanted so that's a good thing.

After the change of plans with regards to colours last night, I think I know (99%) how I'm going to change the design to accommodate the removal of 2 colours from the design.

I also realised while looming this afternoon, that I was actually looking two plain rows between the squares instead of the one. I think I may prefer it that way anyway :)

Happy beading!

And another one!

I started on a new bracelet last night and it's not looking too bad so far. I made a mistake at one point and had to undo more than 5 lines - it was late! Anyway here is the picture of what i managed to do last night.

Have a beautiful day :)

15 September 2010

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I was able to get some (late night) beading in yesterday and managed to finish the edging on the pink loomed bracelet I posted about previously.

I'm now just waiting to attach the clasp then I'll be all done and post pictures. That should hopefully be tomorrow or (hopefully) Saturday at the very latest.

I'm very tired (very very late night!) and working tomorrow so today I've been relaxing :D

Wishing you a good afternoon/evening!

14 September 2010

Forgot to post this in my rush!

I made this in June. I started out intending to make a necklace but was pushed for time (baby was ill), so I made a bracelet instead. It was finished in a rush on the day it was needed so it's a little incomplete.

I think when I'm freed up again I'll make another one and perhaps do an equivalent on the loom - I'd have to think about the latter.

Otherwise, the quiet is because I haven't had time to do any beading the last week or so! Tonight I'll be working on a rivoli bracelet. I need to order the clasp for that one :)

A good evening to you!

30 August 2010

Colour scheme choice confirmed!

I've made good progress on the pink/white bracelet I posted about a short while ago. Today I corrected a mistake(s) I made yesterday and finished looming it, including getting the ends ready for the clasp. Now I have to do the edging and it will as good as finished!

The title of this post? I saw the person I'll be gifting this bracelet to, and they happened to be wearing pink! So I know they have a matching outfit to go with it :)

The next post will probably be when I've finished it. I have to look through my stash and see if there's anything I may want to use in the edging.

Otherwise a good evening to you :)

27 August 2010

Silence speaks volumes!

Yes it's a long time since I posted anything! In the meantime I've been working on two bracelets. On is 99.99% done. The other is about 60% done. Silly me I FORGOT....yes FORGOT to get a clasp for the second one!.....I don't know what I was thinking!! But, I know what type I want so now it's just a matter of getting it :)

Aside from that, I bought myself a new loom about 2 weeks ago. I told myself us finish the bracelets before I tried it out but temptation got the better of me! So here's the result so far:

I didn't calculate how many of the matte White delicas I'd need and I'm almost out. I'll be attending a bead fair on 5th but......I couldn't wait till then so bought some more today. I'm desperate to work on it hehe!

As for the loomed bracelet I started before.....I made a start on the edging yesterday and was very pleased with it.....until I turned it over and realised I could still see the edge threads :( I bought something to try and incorporate in the edging. If that fails I have another idea to try. I'm just desperate the former works.

Goodnight to you all :)

12 August 2010

Two more bracelets

I recently designed another bracelet to be loomed but I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome - it was quite late when I worked on it, and I was tired. Here is what I came up with (a preview).

Since I wasn't very happy with it, I let it sit for a few days. Then tonight I came up with this one:

I will likely loom both, starting with the second. The preview for the second doesn't really show much but hopefully you like what you can see. With that one, I will try adding 'a different view'. All will be revealed when I have completed it.

All that comes after I make the bracelets that need to be finished. So it could be a month before you see anything from me again, or even hear from me. I will post a picture of the bracelets when I'm done. Tomorrow I have to buy some red seeds as I surprisingly (more like baffled!) don't have any AT ALL...well not in the size I need anyway!

A good night and sweet dreams to you all :)